While no church enjoys mentioning giving, we recognize that there are costs involved in bringing a like-minded group of folks together for worship, relationships, outreach, and partnering with others to “be Christ” in our community. We also want to see our pastoral family encouraged in their work by the love of Jesus shown through our support.

If you are a visitor or joining us to see if God has brought you here for the next phase of your journey please don’t feel obligated to give; let it be our service to you. However, if you feel led to join us regularly “on mission” you may give in a couple of ways. You can, of course, take an envelope from the back table and place your offering in the box provided. If you would like a receipt for tax deductions for cash donations please include your contact details for our finance team to send you the receipt at year’s end. If you would like to donate to The Well online.


Thank you so much for your tax deductible support!